About Bentleys

Bentleys of Pontefract is run by me, Paul Meakin and was established in October 2011.  You may wonder why "Bentleys" when my name is Meakin; but my wife said "Meakins" sounds like a pie shop rather than a specialist architectural plants and tree specialist so when we started the business in back in 2011 we named the business after our family Beagle, Bentley.Bentley

I've always had an interest in architectural planting and back in 2010 I happened upon a supplier who had some of the largest planters and specimen plants/ trees I  had ever seen and I realised that in the Wakefield area there was no supplier of quality specimen plants and trees like these so I started to think.

It soon also came apparent that customers who wanted larger trees/plants and planters had problems transporting them to where they were needed to be as some items can weigh upto 600kg.  So I included a "White Glove" delivery service. 

Then I quickly learned that offering fantastic plants/ trees and planters was not enough as clients found it hard to visualise for example a large 2 meter Trachycarpus palm in a 60cm x 70cm earthenware urn!  So what did I decide to do?  I started creating the complete item on site in a showroom so that customers could see the complete item, voila....the Bentleys showroom was created.

Since the businesses inception it has continued to change and grow.  I have realised that the business needed to offer something unique, something no one else offered and now the business offers a superb range of larger plants and trees, outdoor furniture, landscaping products such as slates and over 30 more types of decorative aggregates  sleepers, paving decking & fencing and also landscaping design.  Everything we offer here at Bentleys is of a quality that we would be happy to accept in our own homes.

NEW For 2014

6 Full size indoor display gardens to inspire you as to the style and feel of the garden your wanting to create.  Demonstrated with plants and planters, furniture, BBQ's, Parasols and so much more.  The ONLY place I know of that that actually creates full gardens so that you can see how plants and other items actually look in situation.

NEW For 2015

A total revamp of the interior and exterior of Bentleys.  We are opening up Pontefracts biggest outdoor furniture showroom on our 2000 square foot 1st floor which will house over 30 styles of outdoor living furniture from benches to stunning rattan sofa sets, aluminium dinning sets to unique day beds.  We will still boast the largest selection of planters available anywhere in Yorkshire in sizes from small to very very large. 

With the installation of racking to ensure a better display area and an increased workshop to create those perfect items and a fully revamped outside area that will offer and house some of the largest specimen plants and trees in the area.

We can source some of the most stunning planters and Urns that will inspire you.  We also offer a service that caters for those looking to create a smaller stunning family garden, patio or decked area to those clients that want items that are so unique and bespoke that there are only two or three suppliers in the world.

With media presentations, gallery images and electronic catarlogues we can show you a fantastic range of ideas, plants, trees and stunning planters. No matter if your budget is £300 or £30,000 we can help create the most stunning creations. 

We have also partnered with a very talented landscape artist who works closely with the client to create stunning visuals and walk through 3D media so that clients can actually see the end result in a vivid reality. Take a look at our designs for our new show garden for 2013 ---- Show Garden

If you are interested in great quality and stunning design, take your inspiration from our guru HOUZZ 

Please come visit us and lets create something stunning......

Kindest Regards

Paul Meakin